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Tips to Improve Your Video Conference Calls

Updated: Mar 7

Happy business owner on a video conference call

Have you had any luck with your conference calls lately? How is your connectivity and communication? As a business owner, you might be struggling at times when you have to hold conferences with your employees or with clients. You shouldn't have to struggle to get audio or connect with people over the WiFi! Here are a few tips you might want to read.

Utilize a boardroom for a controlled and non-distracting environment.

According to this article by Microsoft, removing distractions and creating a controlled environment will tremendously help your conference call. Using a conference room or room where outside sound will not enter, closing the shades, and having available space can help you and your employees stay focused. One way you can do this is by using a fully automated boardroom. As connectivity and sound affect your productivity, a fully automated boardroom can create ease of use for technology during a call and make your calls smoother. Using voice and facial recognition can also simplify and narrow your device usage to one screen.

Maintain network connectivity.

Connectivity might seem obvious, but double checking you have a reliable internet or network connection is critical to a productive conference call. Check this ahead of time! 

As Microsoft points out, "Test your conference call technology before you get started to make sure your microphone, speaker, and video are all in working order and at a good volume."

Not having a connection can seriously put your reputation at risk, and that is the last thing you need when you are trying to gain a customer.

Stay on track: set an agenda.

By staying on topic, you can create a quicker and to-the-point conference call! Make a list beforehand of what needs to be discussed, write down questions, and take notes. This is not the time to chatter about personal matters or get off-topic. 

As this article from Indeed points out, "An agenda helps everyone stay on topic and gives an estimated amount of time for each speaker or discussion item. Share the agenda ahead of time and review it as an attendee to prepare for the meeting."

Allowing your employees and clients to review the discussion and meeting points early will also help them communicate effectively with you, make important notes, and ask questions you can answer.

Use Advanced Light & Sound for your video conference calls.

Every office has specific demands. That is why we work with you on how we can build the video conference room of your dreams to meet your needs and surpass your customers' expectations. This promotes productivity, raises positive communication, and creates a higher respect for your company. We take your conference room experiences to a professional level by resolving and enhancing your ability to communicate with cutting-edge technology for a higher quality experience for you and your employees. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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