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Technology can enhance your office

Happy employee after getting enhanced technology in the office.

As a business leader, you notice employees who struggle to focus or remain productive. Enhancing your office technology may help.

Why use technology to enhance the office?

Using modern technology in today's growing digital world has become a necessary part of everyday work-life. Technology should help instead of hinder one's workday. Here are three ways our technology can help you:

  1. It can improve focus and productivity

  2. Collaboration can become a smoother process when discussing or sharing virtually

  3. Employees can feel more comfortable at the office, which aids productivity

That's great, but why bother enhancing the office technology?

You deserve technology that enhances your office, where everyone can communicate, be productive, and gain customers.

At Advanced Light & Sound, we understand it can be hard to be productive and surpass collaboration issues on a video conference. Because of this, we have developed easy-to-use systems to enhance your work experience and promote productivity for everyone.

You're interested in improving the office for your employees, but, what kinds of technology should you invest in to ensure their productivity and comfortability?

Office Lighting & Sound

Enhancing the office lighting and sound is the best way to improve focus and productivity.

Use auto-shades. These can be set on a schedule, and affect the mood and atmosphere of the work environment. You can adjust the time of year and control it remotely on your smartphone or wall controls.

Try sound masking. This uses directed white noise for speech privacy and muffles distractions. It allows electronic privacy to sensitive conversations.

Conference Room Technology

The first step to fixing your video conference collaboration and connectivity issues is updating the technology. Below is a list of ways to enhance your conference room.

  • Use voice and facial recognition in a fully automated boardroom.

  • Install our simple adapters that allow you to control how your screen is shared with in-person and online viewers.

  • Set up cameras for auto zoom to follow the speaker around the room, where it can also expand based on who's in the room. This includes everyone. A small audience will be focused on automatically so you don't need to adjust manually!

  • Update the audio with microphones designed for the room. These microphones we have filter out background noise, eliminate feedback, and automatically tune to each room when you begin the meeting. You can avoid shouting and ensure everyone is heard equally.

Enhanced Security

Did you know that you can lock and unlock the office remotely, and also use digital keys? Yep, re-keying and losing keys are a thing of the past! You get control over who has access to your business. A remote keycard allows you to access your business without an employee, like accessing doors and safety systems. This also allows for notifications of security issues.

Now you want this technology in place, but how do you do it?

Use Advanced Light & Sound to enhance your office

Here are three steps you can take:

  1. Contact Advanced Light & Sound.

  2. Discuss with us in your free consultation.

  3. Watch your office improve in focus, connectivity, collaboration, and security.

What are you waiting for? Contact us. We can improve your office, employees’ productivity, safety, and comfort. You can thrive at work, and so can your employees. Contact us today.


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