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Lighting Techniques for Better Productivity: Auto-Shades

CEO pondering auto-shades and how to improve his office lighting.

Have you walked into the office and felt a headache coming on the longer you stared at your computer under LED lights? Have you wished to have nice daylight and shades that helped you work instead of hindered your work? Well, your employees feel the same, if not worse. If you want happy and productive employees, you must cater to their comfort needs. Advanced Light & Sound can help through the use of auto-shades. With auto-shades, you can have better productivity via this simple lighting technique.

"Light energizes life."

Why Adjust Lighting?

If you keep the office overly lit with LED lights, you may notice discomfort from your employees. That's because lighting makes a difference in everyone's comfort, and even more so when it comes to getting work done.

"Our bodies are naturally programmed to function on a cycle that matches the solar day...the circadian primarily synchronized by light. Daily, regularly-timed exposure to light helps us maintain a healthy and robust circadian rhythm..." (Delos).

With this knowledge, you can adjust lighting to help at certain times of the day.

"...natural lighting has been proven to reduce eye strain and headaches in office workers by 84%. Reductions in these issues during the workday automatically lead to increased outputs. Research shows...sitting next to a window can increase workers’ outputs by 16%," (ManagerUp).

By allowing your employees to enjoy natural light, you can utilize auto-shades to help appropriately adjust the lighting in their office.

Why Auto-Shades?

Utilizing auto-shades, it is simple to adjust your office lighting. You can automatically adjust shades throughout the day based on the daylight available, which saves money and increases productivity. These shade zones allow for flexibility without rewiring and can be altered to meet specific needs. Automatic shades block and reflect direct sunlight, therefore reducing air conditioning usage in summer and lowering shades to use as insulation to keep the building warmer in winter months.

Still on the fence about it? Here are more reasons why you should consider auto-shades:

  • It provides UV protection in a room, which protects furniture and equipment.

  • Auto-shades can be on a schedule.

  • The thermal value of auto-shades saves you money on heating and cooling.

  • Auto-shades enhance conference rooms from outside light.

  • It affects the mood and atmosphere of the work environment.

  • Auto-shades will create security privacy for your business because it's automated.

  • It can adjust based on the time of year.

  • You can control it remotely on your smartphone or wall controls.

Better Productivity Lighting Techniques: Auto-Shades by Advanced Light & Sound

Most buildings today are over-lit because lights are on at full intensity while there is already plenty of natural light. This wastes energy, creates discomfort and reduces productivity. Utilizing auto-shades makes it simple to adjust your office lighting. Through automatic adjustments, these shades will adapt throughout the day based on the set schedule, which saves money and increases productivity. Your employees need a comfortable environment to focus on their work and remain stress-free. We give you the flexibility to meet your business needs with auto-shades. Start increasing productivity today with auto-shades by Advanced Light & Sound! We are happy to help you and your employees. You deserve it. Contact us today, and make your office productive again with auto-shading!


Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. “Automated Shades, ‘Solutions that put you in control of your light.’”

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