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Card Access: Why It Is Worth It

Happy business owner after locking his business remotely with his card access system.

Do you need help keeping track of all the keys to your office building? Or worse, that employees have lost some keys? We have a solution, and that's a card access system. Read onwards and contact us for hassle-free entry to your business.

What is a card access system?

A card access system gives you control over who has access to your business without lost or duplicated keys. Our card access systems are electronic, which is the most efficient and convenient way to secure your building and assets. Fobs are issued to allow access through controlled doors and can easily be barred from access if lost, stolen, or not returned by a former employee. Fobs are issued to individuals, so you can know who enters your building and when.

Card Access Gives You Control

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of utilizing card access at your business is for you to have control. Employees you want to give access to certain rooms within your business can change with the touch of a button on your card access system.

Card Access Is Safer

Using card access will save you the expense and hassle of physical keys and keep you safer. If you have to lock up after hours and hate standing near dark alleyways to do so or when there's a higher risk of negative activity toward your business, you can speedily lock your office through a card access system.

You can do this remotely as well. Card access allows you to exit the building when in a rush and can auto-lock your office. You won't have to worry about forgetting. Doors in the access control system automatically lock when the door is closed or can be set to unlock during a designated time frame. The system can also restrict who has access to internal doors.  It is a secure, convenient, flexible, and cost-effective way to secure your business.

Contact Advanced Light & Sound to Install Card Access

We can make this even more simplified for you. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Contact Advanced Light & Sound.

  2. Discuss with us in your free consultation.

  3. Enjoy the increased security and productivity of your business.

Using card access will make the process of securing your business easier. It will minimize hassles, save time, give you the control you deserve, and will overall create a safer and more productive work environment—which is exactly what you need. Contact us today, and let's make your business efficient!


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