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Securing Assets and Saving Time with Minnesota Petroleum

Ever wonder how fuel gets from in ground tanks, through piping, and into your car via the dispensers and stops at the right time to prevent spills?

Well, we'd like to introduce you to Minnesota Petroleum. They're the guys responsible for that.

Being in the specialized business of designing and selling fluid handling systems, Minnesota Petroleum has a large amount of high value assets that they need to protect.

Because of this, they decided that to add some protection to their operation by installing a multi-location security system to keep all of their assets protected and facilities secure.

Being an organization with multiple locations, Minnesota Petroleum had a problem to solve of how to monitor and secure multiple locations, while centralizing the vision of those systems for their management team so that everyone was on the same page.

To get this done, we installed camera systems at their locations throughout the state of Minnesota

Once that was done, both cameras systems (which were IP - aka internet - enabled) were set up to live stream all through one easy to use web and mobile application.

Now, the team at Minnesota Petroleum is able to give users with appropriate access levels the ability to manage both of their locations right from their smart phone.

Problem solved!

Once this system was set up and functioning, there were many benefits that President Bret Swan and his team were able to realize.

"It's great to be able to check on each facility and not use employee time driving from one location to another to check on things. The cameras allow us to save a lot of time and stay productive as a team."

Along with saving company time, there was also some added benefits to peace of mind that come along with a mobile security system.

"Now, if we ever have an alarm go off we get the notification on our phones that something is off. We haven't had many incidents of this that turn out to be negative in nature, but having that peace of mind of being able to know right away what is going on - and what caused the alarm - is great."

If you are looking to solve security & asset protection problems in your business and want to start a conversation with our veteran team about what options may be right for you, send us an email at, and we'd be happy to get you a free consultation.

Also, if you have fluid handling needs, we would of course recommend Minnesota Petroleum, and you can contact them through their website at this link.

Full Gallery of Minnesota Petroleum Security Camera Installation

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