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Digital Signage: An effective and clear client communication technology.

When you enter a building, do you pay attention to what kind of atmosphere you are experiencing? For instance, have you noticed the use of screens, and how they instantly communicate a higher level of professionalism? Being greeted by a digital welcome video along with interactive maps that help you figure out where you need to go makes you feel connected and welcomed. A scrolling list of upcoming events on this screen serve as reminders, saving employees time and money. Are you utilizing this at your business? If you aren't, you are missing an opportunity to effectively communicate with the people using your business space. This is your solution: use Advanced Light & Sound to set up digital signage.

What is digital signage?

"Digital signage delivers text, images, and video to televisions, digital displays, and room signs. It is useful in many business fields to advertise, encourage, and inform the viewer."

Why Use Digital Signage?

Here's why: it looks good to customers, helps employees, and is cost-effective. It can also inform everyone quickly and simply.

Enhance your customer’s experience with digital signage. Instead of reprinting papers, menus, or items that need to be shared, utilize a digital sign. Humans are visual. We like to look at images and videos, and TV screens catch our eyes. You must take advantage of visuals to make sure you capture all the avenues to advertise. This is your chance to inform professionally and promote your business: simply.

What Can I Do with Digital Signage?

Anything. Yep, you got it. You could put whatever you want on your digital screen! It is what you'd like to showcase to your customers, clients, or employees, and any type of messaging you want to put out there.

"Our system is flexible and scalable, giving you the power to upload content assets, custom build multiple playlists, and schedule the content to play where and when you want it to."

You can use this for any purpose for your employees, customers, or clients. Here are things you could have up on screen:

  • News headlines

  • Events coming up

  • Weather

  • Time

  • Traffic conditions on the road

  • Anniversaries

  • Welcome sign

  • Security notices/messages

  • Educational purposes (school events, college notices, etc.)

  • Restaurant menus

  • Share nutritional facts and information in restaurants

You could also utilize your Google Drive Calendar or Outlook Calendar. Perhaps the coolest aspect of digital signage is using your directory. Through the touch directory, you can instruct people to find places on a map that can be sent to their phone. In other words, a digital and interactive map!

How Do I Use Digital Signage?

Here are three steps to getting your digital signage up and going:

  1. Contact Advanced Light & Sound.

  2. Meet with us in a free consultation with your questions.

  3. Get your setup running!

Once you contact us and get set up, you'll prepare the content or information you want displayed. When you have the content ready, just manage the dates it will display.

Advanced Light & Sound is here for you. Contact us today!

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